Refer and Earn

Refer a third party to Corpfin

Do you have one or multiple clients / friends / acquaintances that might have a transaction or financing requirement which can fit into our criteria and check all the necessary boxes?

Refer that third party to Corpfin and upon approval of the referred transaction, earn commission that is paid directly into your designated bank account!

How it works

Becoming a consultant with Corpfin is as easy as signing a consultancy agreement and providing standard documentation to Corpfin.
You may start off by contacting for an introductory meeting or phone call and thereafter request your personalized consultancy agreement.
Once you have signed the agreement and you have referred potential clients to Corpfin you will earn commission on such referral on final approval and implementation of the transaction.

How much can I earn

Referring a transaction to Corpfin results in a consultant receiving a direct form of commission in the form of a portion of the Raising Fee. In the event that a raising fee or introduction fee is levied on the facility provided by Corpfin, the consultant will receive a fixed portion of such Raising Fee, payable on the date of advancement of the loan.

The exact ratio and portion of the Raising Fee payable to the consultant is dependent on the interest rate charged to the client.

If you would like to find out more regarding how the commission payable is calculated, kindly contact our offices.


Who are Corpfin’s ideal consultants

Although every referred transaction is assessed on its own merits we have found that the following sectors and occupations are very likely to have multiple potential transactions to be referred to Corpfin:

  • - Auditors and Accountants
  • - Estate agents
  • - Town planners
  • - Commercial attorneys and advisors
  • - Project developers
  • - Other investment brokers / companies
  • - Financial advisors
If you have any questions or queries please complete the form below. One of our professional representatives will be in contact with you to discuss your requirements and specifications.
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About Us

CorpFin offers businesses and entrepreneurs essential short-term financing (three to nine months) to unlock potentially high-yielding opportunities not typically supported by traditional finance institutions.

CorpFin acts as an intermediary between investors and clients by linking financial opportunities to willing private investor capital. We do not finance cash flow, but rather growth opportunities to established, profitable enterprises.

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