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Short-term business finance

Get the funds you need to grow your business.

CorpFin advances short-term loans to companies requiring capital to finance additional products for business growth. For example, an under-capitalised filling station may need interim financing to increase its inventory holding levels to maximise monthly sales and profits.

The loan is usually settled from resultant increased sales margins or replaced with traditional long-term financing.

Development finance

Access development capital when you need it.

CorpFin finances commercial building developments and renovations that are either completed or nearing completion. The developer may have pre-sold units and requires access to capital until the transfer of the units has been finalised, or needs to occupy the building and requires funding to complete the development.

Loans of this nature are usually replaced with long-term finance procured from traditional finance institutions and facilitated by CorpFin.


Immovable property finance

Get your money before the paperwork is done.

CorpFin offers short-term loans to clients who need to access proceeds from the sale of a property prior to its transfer, or require funding while awaiting the registration of a bond which has been approved by a finance institution.

The loan is repaid following completion of the relevant transactions.

Business expansion

Expansion opportunity? We have the funds.

Existing businesses with stable cash flow and profitable statistics may require short-term capital from CorpFin to take advantage of an opportunity to expand their operations. This could include the enlargement of a logistics fleet, commissioning costs for a manufacturing plant, a newly awarded contract, or to fulfil increased product demand.

Capital can be repaid over time from trading activities or be replaced by traditional long-term funding.


Product or stock finance

New business on the horizon? We can help you cash in.

Company owners may need to refinance new orders or contracts in addition to their existing business.


Partner buy-out? Now you can.

CorpFin assists entrepreneurs who wish to buy out their co-shareholders at short notice but do not have the capital to harness the buy-out opportunity while simultaneously maintaining business profitability.

The capital is usually repaid from trading activities or long-term financing.


Business refinancing

Need financing now? We don't waste time.

Short-term interim financing may be necessary to access capital quickly, for example, to refinance wholly owned assets so that the business can be recapitalised.

Property auction finance

No need for that hot bargain to get away.

Auctions often present an ideal opportunity to purchase properties at below market-related prices, but arranging timeous commercial finance for the purchase is almost impossible. Additionally, it's not uncommon for property buyers to have to forfeit deposits paid as a result of penalty clauses in the auction terms and conditions. CorpFin offers interim finance to conclude the sale, which can then be refinanced at a traditional finance institution.


About Us

CorpFin offers businesses and entrepreneurs essential short-term financing (three to nine months) to unlock potentially high-yielding opportunities not typically supported by traditional finance institutions.

CorpFin acts as an intermediary between investors and clients by linking financial opportunities to willing private investor capital. We do not finance cash flow, but rather growth opportunities to established, profitable enterprises.

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